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Ce que disent de nous les acteurs sur place !

  • Notre histoire
  • Nos engagements
  • Notre volonté
  • Nos partenaires locaux et leur soutien indéfectible
  • Notre soutien financier
  • Nos projets achevés
  • Film réalisé par Ken Nilles – Vietnam 2017

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One of the programs of OGCDC

One of the programs of OGCDC, « Aide au Vietnam » local partner in Hué. They do a great job, and it’s a pleasure working with them – un des programmes de OGCDC, le partenaire local de Aide au Vietnam à Hué. Ils font un super boulot, et c’est un plaisir de travailler avec eux.

a little boy living at ``TE PHAN Orphanage`` - Young, but talented

This young man, (whose name has temporarily left my mind is 4 years old. Born blind, and deaf on 1 ear, he was lucky to have an eye operation in Singapore some months ago, paid by a rich Singaporean businessman, and has regained 40% of his eyesight in his left eye. By his actual skills, he is sure going to become an accomplished pianist, later in life.

Publiée par Steve Wagner sur Jeudi 30 août 2018

Video report by Vietnamese TV of the removal of the children from the pagoda to the orphanage of Vung Tau

Publiée par Steve Wagner le vendredi 24 août 2018

Reportage TV sur les 11 enfants maltraités et recueillis par l'orphelinat de VUNG TAU.

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Mme LE My Huong - Directrice des orphelinats à VUNG TAU et LONG HAI

The ABC put an article out on me over the weekend. Zoe the journalist did a great job! I had a lot of response from the article and received a number of very moving e-mails. The greatest miracle that came out of it for me, is that my best friend from high school saw it in the USA and has reconnected with me. She had been trying to find me for years.

LE My Hung

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